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 "I talk to him when
 I'm lonesome like; 
 and I'm sure he
 understands.  When
 he looks at me so
 attentively, and
 gently licks my
 hands; then he rubs
 his nose on my
 tailored clothes, but
 I never say naught
 thereat.  For the
 good Lord knows I
 can buy more
 clothes, but never a
 friend like that."
     W. Dayton  

  Akitas in Obedience

This AKC sport takes real dedication but can be so amazingly satisfying. Obedience tests a dog's ability to perform a set of exercises.  Obedience also tests the owner's ability to communicate with their dog using hand signals, with the dog off leash.  Training for Obedience competition means developing a very strong bond with your dog so you tune in to each other and work as one during the Trials.  It is a testament to both owner and dog--a perfect union, a joy to watch.




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Send your obedient Akita photos to bouyet@yahoo.com


Send your obedient Akita photos to bouyet@yahoo.com


Send your obedient Akita photos to bouyet@yahoo.com




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