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  Rescued Akitas

Akitas are abandoned in growing numbers throughout the United States.  This phenomenon most likely occurs in a few other countries but we have not kept worldwide statistics. The reasons are varied--lack of training, poor socialization, no time, health problems--the human mind can conjure endless excuses for failures to act responsibly.  In some areas of the country, there must be a law that says you cannot take your pet when you move--I've never seen that one on the books!  It all comes down to one glaring fact: it's not the fault of the Akita.  For more information on rescue, visit the links on the right. 

Selecting an adult Akita is a wonderful choice if you are looking to share your life with an Akita.  The rescues evaluate temperament, conduct a health check on each dog and act as a support to the new owner.  You avoid housebreaking!  You also get an incredible support team of knowledgeable folks.  To prove my point that it is rarely the fault of any Akita if it is untrained, un-socialized, neglected and abandoned, check out this gallery of dogs that were one's person's trash and another person's treasure!




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Rescue dog photo here.

Rescue dog photo here.

Rescue dog photo here.


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