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 Who is Barbara Bouyet

That's a good question and you deserve an honest answer.  I started in Akitas in 1977 when I got my first Akita, Mandy.  My next Akita, Kody, coincidentally or perhaps through some master plan, linked me to Stephanie O'Donough and Kay Lee.  They were the founders of the very first Akita Rescue; ARSA, the Akita Rescue Society of America, Inc. which originated in 1976.

I joined them and together, we turned ARSA into a national organization which lasted until 1994 when all of the groups under the ARSA umbrella, split off to become individual groups and to control their own growing rescues.  There are dozens of rescues throughout the United States and some in other countries.  As a breed increases in popularity, it needs the support and salvation of rescues. 

My experience with nearly 1,500 Akitas gave me invaluable experience that I wanted to share so I wrote and published my first book in 1992.  "Akita-Treasure of Japan" by MIP Publishing was awarded the Dog Writer's Association of America Best Breed Book for 1992.  My next Akita book was written for Howell Book House as part of their "Happy Healthy Pet Series."  My most recent and last book was published in 2002.  "Akita-Treasure of Japan, Volume II," is unique in breed books because it brings you both alternative and allopathic medicine.  The medical Chapters are all co-authored by Dr. Jean Dodds.  I think it is a valuable book for all dog owners because it offers information on environmental toxins and how they affect your dogs.  Of course, it covers every other facet of owning and raising Akitas but the health information is extremely important.  If you're interested, it is available from Amazon.com or through www.akitabook.com

I built this website to reach out further into the Internet community because I believe the Internet is the future of our world.  My love for Akitas continues though I have no plans for a 4th book, I plan to maintain this website for educational purposes and to keep the ARSA website going for the same reason: www.akitarescue.com

That's who I am.












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