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 "You cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson,




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 "The tendency to cruelty
 should be watched in
 children and if they
 incline to any such
 cruelty, they should be
 taught the contrary
 usage. For the custom
 of tormenting and killing
 other animals will, by
 degrees, harden their
 hearts even toward man.
 Children should from
 the beginning, be
 brought up in an
 abhorrence of killing or
 tormenting living
        John Locke


Man's Inhumanity...

Those of us who have been involved in rescuing Akitas all too often experience the worst of humanity; namely, the abuse and neglect of this noble breed.  We are struck by the complete lack of compassion demonstrated by some, or the pure ignorance of others who allow their animals to remain in a state of perpetual suffering.  Because these Akitas have suffered so much, it is their right to tell their stories which is why this page is here.  If you cannot read their stories, it does not make their suffering any less, but you should try to be as courageous as these Akitas and perhaps it will turn you into someone who cares even more. 

Sadly, the names, colors and faces change from year to year, but the suffering does not--from Akitas blinded by long years of pain caused by inward eyelashes damaging corneas, to embedded choke chains that have eaten through their flesh.  The eye damage from entropion could have been prevented by an inexpensive surgical procedure; the neck injuries could have been prevented by an owner who cared enough to spend a few moments a day with their dog. Then there are those whose lives are spent outside on a chain; some are starved, others are gravely ill and yes, they are all Akitas.

Many of these dogs were saved by volunteers who rescue Akitas.  The rescues often struggle for financial help and are truly altruistic in their love of Akitas.  Others died in animal shelters, loved momentarily by the people who euthanize animals for a living.  In every case, the worst is over--some of these dogs did not survive even after being rescued, but enough of them did to make this page one of the most important at this website. You owe it to them to at least look at their faces.




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"Cruelty to animals is one of the most significant vices of a low and ignoble people. Wherever one notices them, they constitute a sign of ignorance and brutality which cannot be painted over even by all the evidence of wealth and luxury." -  Alexander Von Humbolt


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