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 Judy King gave the Akita the gift of
 Agility and was instrumental in
 getting the first Agility trials
 underway at the Akita Club of
 America's National Specialty.  Many
 other Akitas have ollowed KoKo,who 
 earned numerous titles in NADAC and
 AKC agility, as well as qualifying for
 therapy dog and passing temperament 
 testing. KOKO easily earned her CGC,
 as she most assuredly is a good citizen
 and ambassador for the Akita breed.
 Dedicated owners can achieve
 anything with an Akita. KoKo  (first
 photos, upper row on and middle is now
 12 years old but still loves going off
 to meet her many canine friends at
 trials, though now she likes to watch
 ringside. She is truly an asset to the 
 breed and a trailblazer for Agility and 

  Akitas in Agility

   Pictures speak volumes!



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