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“We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet, and amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us.” 
                Maurice Maeterlinck


 "There are times when even the best
 manager is like the little boy with the big
 dog." waiting to see where the dog wants
 to go so he can take him there." 
               Lee Iacocca

Dogs have 25 times more smell receptors than humans and can detect odors at concentrations nearly 100 million times lower than what humans can smell.  Who said humans are superior!

Dogs are pack animals by nature. They need closeness, touching, and petting to be content and happy.


  Akitas and Kids

There is a real misconception about Akitas and kids--that all kids are in danger from Akitas but there is no truth to that claim.  Akitas are dogs--large dogs with great intelligence but still, just dogs.  When socialized with children and trained to be family members, Akitas will accept children of all ages and sizes.  It is, however, totally up to the parents and how they train their children!

Allow a child to abuse an Akita, or any dog for that matter, and you are setting up a situation that can have tragic results. 

As with any dog, Akitas do not like to be teased but unlike some dogs, an Akita has excellent short and long term memory skills.  They also have a very keen sense of smell and are proficient at reading body language.  If an Akita does take an instant dislike to one child, keep the dog away from the child, but keep a close watch on that child.  I have never known an Akita to be wrong when judging human behavior patterns. They are uncanny in reading the subtleties of children interacting and they are extremely loyal and protective of their own children in their home. 

It's common sense to select the most docile puppy when you have children and are either purchasing an Akita puppy, or adopting from a rescue. You want an Akita that will be a companion and not a leader.  YOU are the leader of both your children and your dog or you will be set to fail in both areas. 

Remember, children and dogs both look to you for guidance. If your lifestyle is too busy for a dog, then please do not get an Akita. Adult Akitas have the intellect of a 5 year old child minus the language skills.  They need attention, they require participation in the family and they need training just like any other "child."

The intelligence of the Akita at a young age is often astounding.  My female Akita, Mandy, was only five-months old when she exhibited her reasoning powers.  Some friends were visiting with their small children.  The kids were used to roughhousing with their dog, a gentle Shepherd mix; Becky began teasing Mandy while the parents ignored the situation, but I intervened and explained to the child that dogs like to be treated gently.  While my back was turned, Becky, of course, went back to teasing Mandy.  Finally, Mandy had enough of the game.  Taking Becky's forearm in her mouth, she gently pushed the child away from her, turned and left the room.  Becky took the hint. Yes, it was the parents’ responsibility to use the moment as a teaching tool but they failed to do so.  Thankfully, I was alert and my Akita was more intelligent than some of the adults!

There is no record of a child being kidnapped, assaulted or harmed in the presence of the family Akita.  They are guardians without guns, nannies without cruelty but ultimately, they are what you make them.  Use common sense--you would not leave a toddler or infant alone in a stall with a large horse!

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“Every child who has a dog should also have a mother, so the dog can be fed regularly.”

Canis familiaris is another name for our domestic dog, believed to be descended from wolves.  When or where they joined us at the campfire is open for speculation.  We are, however, thrilled they stayed to become our companions.  We love them.


“A dog gladly admits the superiority of his master over himself, accepts his judgment as final, but, contrary to what many dog-lovers believe, he does not consider himself as a slave.  His submission is voluntary, and he expects his own small rights to be respected.”
xel Munthe





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