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 Dogs are carnivores, 
 but they are also pack
 animals and therein
 lies the answer to
 integrating your Akita
 with other animals in
 your family.  The SPCA
 has a brochure with
 very wise and
 effective suggestions. 
 Click Here to read their
 suggestions and follow
 all of them. 

Remember that your
 animals ALL take their
 cues from YOU!  When
 you are fearful and
 convinced that your
 introductions will fail,
 animals read your
 body language better
 than your partner and
 they often misread
 thinking your fears are
 for your own safety. 
 That will trigger
 aggression in every
 case.  Be confident, or
 as Cesar Milan says:
 “Be calm assertive!” 
 You’re the leader,
 you’ve decided to bring
 home another pack
 member and your pack
 should accept the
 newcomer under your
 watchful eye.     

  Some Helpful Links
  New Introductions

  Safety First


  Animals and Akitas

Do Akitas fit into homes with other animals?  That's totally up to you!  If you socialize and train your Akita with animals, the Akita will embrace the other species or other dogs as part of the pack, and will offer them the same protection it gives so freely to its family.  Don't take my word, just spend a few moments going through the gallery:

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 Don't make the 
 mistake of
 treating your dogs
 like humans, or
 they'll treat you
 like dogs."

     Martha Scott


 "The key to 
 everything is
 patience. You get
 the chicken by
 hatching the egg --
 not by smashing
   Arnold Glasow

"No Matter how little money and how few possessions, you own, having a dog makes you rich."
   Louis Sabin


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