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Akitas in Agility
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Akitas in the Family
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Akitas in Obedience
Akitas as Therapy Dogs
Facts About Akitas
Heroic Akitas
In Memoriam
Man's Inhumanity
Rescued Akitas
Totally Adorable!
Versatility of Akitas
Thinking Dogs
Who is Barbara Bouyet

 Dogs are submissive to 
 those they feel have
 higher pack status.
 Train your dog from day
 one, so it will think of
 you as the leader of the
 pack. Dogs instinctively
 want to earn the pack
 leader's approval.


The Versatility of Akitas...

There is nothing an Akita cannot achieve if YOU want it to, and there is no place that Akitas cannot fit in if you make it so. Your Akitas, like your children are mainly what you teach them, expose them to and work to accomplish.  Always keep in mind the most important rules: Socialization, training and leadership. Now go out and enjoy your Akitas!





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